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in the case of a woman killed inside her home. ktvu's lorraine blanco is live with how the discovery of the car led to two arrests. >> reporter: two arrests. a husband and wife were wanted in connection with several crimes along the west coast. here they are calling the two personnens of interest in -- persons of interest in the susie ko murder. he was arrested with his wife in susie ko's stolen car. on friday neighbors found her stabbed to death, her car stolen. the suspects are being held on suspicion of a stolen vehicle. >> it is a big league and we are grateful -- lead and we are grateful for the recovery of the vehicle. we are also watching the integrity of the case and not making any mistakes. >> reporter: this is video from of the is when authorities say he got into a shoot out with a los angeles county deputy in south el monte. authorities say they carjacked a vehicle and then got away. this crime spree started when he broke out of a southern california jail. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> to the baseball playoffs. the san francisco giants effaced another must-win
. ktvu news. >> sand see continuing her destructive impact. you could see how massive the storm is. >> 45 miles an hour still, with gusts to near 65. and westerly trek around 10 miles an hour. take a look at that. i had to measure it. and reaching into new england. the flooding continues in new jersey into new england as well as another foot of snow expected to the appalachian mountains. sandy will be shifting north to the west end of the new york state. the storm impact should last through the week. torry? >> thank you, rosemary. we'll check with you for the local weather. >> and helping restore power to local people. the utility is sending 150 workers to new york. and they will be asifting, edison crews. and they are leaving today. >> and we talked to a pga spokesperson. >> and as many other utilities are. and a huge effort from utilities crews across the nation. and ready and willing to help much. >> and sandy left at least 8 million people without power and 13 states. >> bay area volunteers are lending a hand to the super storm relief efforts. volunteers to the area, and santa cruz ch
the home of a woman who was killed inside her home. ktvu's lorraine blanco is live where she spoke to the victim's family today. >> reporter: ktvu spoke with susie ko's son. he didn't have anything bad to say about the person's of interest. police say the couple are persons of interest in the susie ko murder ecase. seattle police -- case. seattle police arrested them for possession of a stolen vehicle. on friday they found her stabbed to death in her home and her car was found missing. >> for the first time we have been working non-stop as a family and with the police and this is the first deep breath we took as a family and as a community. >> we have been working so hard, would want to give the family some peace. >> reporter: police believe they were involved in a crime spree that started in august when the wife helped the husband break out of jail in san bernardino county. he got into a is out out in los angeles county. the suspect shot and wounded a deputy and then they carjacked a vehicle and got away. they now face charges here in southern california and in seattle. live, lorr
between the nationals and cardinals. they will enjoy tonight in cincinnati. joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. mark? >> i am sure it is a wait they won't mind. thank you. appreciate it. and we got big stuff happening in a short time with the oakland a's. >> nails will be gone by the end of tonight. >> bay bridge home still alive. >> thank you. >> since the game was played in cincinnati fans here had to pack bars and restaurants to see the game. ktvu's lorraine blanco is live at a restaurant well known to fans. >> reporter: the crowds went nuts here twice today. the first time when buster posey hit that clutch grand slam in the fifth. the second time when the giants clinched the series. we think they heard it crowd all the way in cincinnati. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: this is what it looked like with three must win games. >> no quit attitude. they do things teams don't expect them to do. >> reporter: the momentum hit the hilt here. buster posey pounded a ground slam. >> my voice is still paying for it. >> it reminded many of a 1989 slam. >> childhood memory. watching buster posey do
last night. ktvu david steven has spoke with the san francisco police sergeant who is back on patrol today after his moment in the spotlight. david. >> reporter: that performance is winning the sergeant new fans and applause from people he sees on the daily beat. ♪ god bless america >> reporter: for san francisco police sergeant jerry dar city it was the performance of his lifetime. >> there is not enough words to thank the giants for letting me do it. police officers in the city are so happy. i'm getting accolades and cops from all over the bay area. ♪ land that i love >> i don't know if they are making up for 2010. 2010 i was supposed to sing game six but they didn't make it. >> reporter: the performance at -- >> as soon as you get up to the mic all of a sudden cameras circle around you so you just thinking concentrate on the words and the notes. >> reporter: the tenors performance is -- >> we did a wonderful job. fantastic one. >> he seems like a mellow guy. >> reporter: how does da shy rate his world series performance >> >> i think like any singer, i always think i could hav
-- property owner, he declined to comment. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> happening now, president obama is back in the bay area trying to drum up support and campaign dollars. ktvu's david stevenson is live. >> reporter: supporters and critics outside bill graham civic auditorium. we learned the president is expected to arrive within the hour. part of a sweep through the bay area that is expected to net 5.5 to $6 million. this is his last campaign appearance before the election and that brought out hundreds of supporters and protesters. people here are here to demand an immediate withdrawal of troops in the middle east. >> we are not funneling drugs to the black market. we are keeping patients like myself from having to resort to the black market. >> if they could explain how we could get 60 votes in the senate, look, this is their great democratic process. >> reporter: hundreds of supporters of the president lined up to pick up tickets for the bill graham civic auditorium, that includes a dinner and a concert. tickets range from $100 to $20,000 a person. the president
will reopen but they plan to bus people till the tracks are cleared. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you are looking for information on passengers, go to, then click on the tab. >>> this afternoon the albany unified school district confirmed a teacher who was arrested for lewd contact has died and it appears it was a suicide. the district says it received word of james izumizaki's death this morning from the sherriff's department. the teacher was accused of having a relationship with a former student who was under 14 at the time. they say counselors rill be able -- will be available for students tomorrow. >>> the search continues for two fisherman missing off the san mateo county. they fell into the water yesterday morning when their boat over turned near pigeon point south of half moon bay. they were four on board the boat. the other two men were wearing life jackets and made it back to shore. >>> police are looking for witnesses to a freeway shooting yesterday that sent three people to the hospital. a car drove up along a charger and someone inside opened fire around 3:30
tonight. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> prior to arriving in the bay area the president made a stop near bakersfield where he dedicated a monument at the home of the late cesar chavez. >> this is not a monument to one man. the movement was sustained by a generation of organizers who stood up and spoke out and urged others to do the same. >> it is where cesar chavez lived and worked for 20 years. the site where the farm house is located is where cesar chavez is buried. today the president accompanied susie cesar chavez -- cesar chavez's wife to the grave. tonight the president will attend a dinner at the bill graham civic auditorium. that will be prepared by local celebrity chefs. it will be followed by a $200 per person concert. president obama is then set to spend the night here before leaving tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. from san francisco international airport where he will be headed to ohio. has more on the president's visit, including video of his arrival at sfo. >>> republican presidential candidate mitt romney, according to a survey released today, 49% back mitt
at summer time staffing levels. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> breaking news out of san mateo county, a school bus accident before 5:00 p.m. tonight on highway 17. officials say the bus collided with a van. only the driver was inside the bus at the time and there are serious injuries. one lane of highway 17 is closed at this hour. we are working to get more information. >>> more developing news in the central valley. 40 people were injured when a big rig collided with a amtrak train along the amtrak line. the big rig struck the train where the tracks cross kansas avenue. ktvu's kara cara liu has more -- cara liu has more. >> reporter: one of the victims heard screams and crying before the accident. a big rig slams into the train about 12:30 p.m. this afternoon. you could see the derailed training leaning. she was in a second car, she says she was returning home after visiting hayward. she says she wasn't seriously hurt but it was scary when the train started tipping. >> you couldn't see anything. it was just all dusty and, you know, you are breathing in the dirt. people start
at the end of the mass but he never did. live in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> not everyone is happy with san francisco's new archbishop. ktvu's rob roth continues our coverage with the protesters and the counter protesters who came out today. rob? >> reporter: the protest here is pretty much wrapped up, protests that drew critics and supporters of the new archbishop. >> stop teaching hate. >> reporter: two dozen protesters gathered outside. many upset that archbishop salvatore cordileone is a vocal supporter of proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage. >> people listen to him. we are here to convince him that we matter. >> reporter: it is comments like this one by salvatore cordileone that has supporters riled. >> marriage can only be between a man and a woman. >> reporter: they say salvatore cordileone is too conservative for san francisco. >> marriage should be for everyone. >> reporter: next to the anti- salvatore cordileone protesters were supporters of the archbishop. peacefully co existing. >> it will be very -- test on him. >> reporter: at one poi
more than just drivers. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> good evening. i am ken pritchett. >> i am heather holmes. >> members of the occupy moment in san francisco are leveling new accusations at police, stemming from yesterday's protest. ktvu's patty lee asked if the action were justified. >> reporter: san francisco police do not dispute the video but they said what is not known is what the protesters did before hand. >> reporter: this is video of san francisco police arresting protesters. it was shot by a filmmaker. >> the cops were hitting people with batons and shoving people and slamming people around. >>> the video is making its way around the web. what is not available is footage before this scene. >> the protesters threw paint at the officers. some of the bags of paint contained rocks. >> reporter: police say there were a few incidents in which officers used batons or police holds to make arrest. >> reasonable force. officers were confronted with objects. >> reporter: we found this posting written by someone pa
arena and also tomorrow evening at 6:00. live in san francisco i'm paul cham bers ktvu channel 2 news. >>> that was the sound of a swat team firing tear gas canisters into a home in west oakland today after getting reports that a murder suspect was barricades inside. it started with a call just before 11:30 this morning about a dispute at that home on 21st street near market. people thad been inside the home told officers that godfrey jackson wanted for a murder last month was still inside. it wasn't just before 5:00 p.m. that officers completed the search of the home and found it empty. >>> commissioners at the port of oakland have resumed an emergency closed-door meeting that began friday including an almost $4,500 trip to a houston strip club. >> now going to closed session at the hour of 5:48. >> a receipt for the treasured gentlemen's club was among the more than 1 thousand pages of expenses we obtained through the california public records act. that receipt knows that the port's director of maritime james kwon paid for 12 people, a delegation of executives from hyundai and burli
. team coverage is today on account channel 2 news at 5:00. we'll also stream it live on again the public is invited. >>> meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton is taking responsibility for security at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the obama administration has been criticized for reportedly denying requests for increased security at the consulate prior to the attack. secretary clinton says she has appointed an independent panel to investigate the attack on the conse. >>> san francisco giants heading to the midwest now. bound for st. louis where they will play game three of the national league championship series tomorrow. new at noon, kristen is live at sfo where the giants took off to let us know how they are feeling for the setied one game each. >> reporter: they are on the way to st. louis to play game three in the national league championship series. the team gathered at at&t park earlier this morning. ktvu was there as pitchers sergio romo and tim linscomb loaded up on the buses, to be ready for the three games to be played in busch stadium. they head to st. louis
. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> well, good morning, i am in for pam cook. >> a lot of fog is out there, it will be mostly sunny, a little warmer, temperatures by the coast are warming up and 60s and 70s and 80s for the game and we will have 70s and 80s inland. here is sal. >>> good morning, traffic southbound 101 on the golden gate bridge looks good and traffic on the san mateo bridge looks good heading out to the high-rise, let's go back to the desk. >>> oakland police are investigating a deadly overnight shooting. it happened on hilton street near 57th avenue and alex savage is there live and has more on what police are looking into this morning. >> reporter: this could be a tough case for homicide police officers because they don't have a solid witness coming forward. they fired at close range and they collected shell casings. oakland police got at least one 911 call about gunfire. when they showed up they found a man with several gunshot wounds who was unresponsive. the man was transported to the hospital and died about a half hour after he arrived there. they have not
>>> complait bay area news coverage starts right for you, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> our response must be an increased focus and dedication in these areas. >> during the past hour the top brass at oakland police department responded to a surge in violent crime and the scathing report critical of the department. good afternoon, i am tori campbell, the oakland police accident is facing a growing list of challenges including facing the possibility of a federal take over, new at noon alex savidge joins us live from opd headquarters, so what is the chief saying about all these problems, alex? >> reporter: at this news couches the chief made it clear he is frustrated by a recent speak in murders and talked about this weekend, a particularly violent one, 5 homicides that happened in the span of 18 hours. there was a news conference this morning here at police headquarters and we learned those killings in particular from this past weekend were not connected but did find out the investigates were targeted, despite the hard work of detectives that have been no arrests and t
this could have been a fatal, 21 people died last year. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> caught in the act. a resident in san jose provided police with an important clue and today it paid off as officers swarmed a neighborhood and broke up a group of burglars. ktvu's robert handa is live in san jose with the pictures and why this case is far from over. robert? >> reporter: pictures they needed because the san jose police department has been struggling with the problem. burglaries going up, and fewer officers to respond. we are going to show you pictures that helped catch the burglars. >>> san jose police officers make six arrests. these are pictures from a citizens of burglars breaking into a home through a backdoor today in san jose. we are not showing faces because the suspects are juveniles but in the pictures they are smiling, while carrying merchandise into the vehicle. >> we see cash taken, ipad, computers, apple devices, electronics, tvs. >> reporter: officers believe they burglarized two homes in the past two days. but a neighborhood captured the vehicle that
is concluded on the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >>> at this hour, crews trying to salvage an oracle reyesing yacht after it capsized in san francisco bay and pieces of the boat broke off. video here from news chopper 2 shows crews scrambling to recover the vessel after the tide caused a broken boat drift three miles outside the golden gate bridge. told us there were 12 people on board when the boat skipped about 3:00 this afternoon and that they all got off unharmed. officials tell us the crew men were just out. >> this is the biggest there is all year so when it hits tide we actually see waves. we know that. what we understand happened is that the two hulls dug into the water and the boat just full. >>> the semi-two foot carbon fiber vessel is one of two identical ones. it is valued at about $8 million. at this hour the recovery effort continues outside the golden gate. >>> a search for a missing plane ended today. the pilot was the only person on board. he was killed. we're live right near the airport where the plane had taken off early yesterday morning. john. >> gasia, san mateo county s
. that was charles's last moments here on earth. >> reporter: butler's family came to ktvu to watch the video for the first time. >> bumping of the car? that was ridiculous. that's what a bumper's for. >> reporter: it was tough to see a loved one, killed just weeks before he shipped out to sea as a merchant marine. >> i feel this was just a vicious attack and jealousy upon my son, and i really want justice. >> when someone can shoot and kill someone who comes from a similar background and looks just like them and don't know them, to me, that's a self that red, anger directed inward. >> reporter: police arrested a person of interest but released him for a lack of evidence and they have an idea who the killers are but need help from witnesses. the family wants the same. >> we know who these people are and ton harbor the murderers who's next? >> reporter: two people live on because they received butler's organs. john sasaki, ktvu news. >>> and police got a call this morning about a disturbance on dell road near peralta road. they found a man dead in the front yard, and then police arrested a 24-
francisco, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. gasia. >>> if you want to fiebd out more about the convention, go to we have the entire schedule for you. we've also posted addition 23458 video as well as a slide show right there on our home page. firefighters are working to subdue a fast-moving wild fire tonight near clear lake in lake county. the fire started about 2:45 this afternoon along the east side of highway 29 above lake street in lower lake. cal fire reports it burned through 200 acres. it closed part of highway 29 and a mandatory evacuation order is in effect for the twin lakes subdivision. fires threatening structures and has downed some power lines. good news here, there are no reports of any injuries. >>> police in petaluma are searching for a missing teenaged girl who hasn't been seen since yet. police are looking for 15-year-old ruby cruze mendoza who are seen getting into a car with 29-year-old larry carmona. investigators saz the two are reportedly having a relationship. both are from petaluma. police are calling this an abduction since it's not clear if the 15-yea
>>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >>> i didn't hit anybody. that driver was happy to make it through the first rain of the season without getting into an accident. that was not true for some eres. good afternoon i'm terry campbell. we are on storm watch. the bay area is getting some breaks right now. this is live look outside but the rain is far from over. the wet roads caused a lot of fender benders. an officer told me in host cases it was drivers that were following the car in front of them too closely and couldn't avoid slamming into them as traffic slowed down. heavy rain drenched marin county this morning and left standing water in many spots along 101. that downpour led to this, a massive backup heading south into san fransisco. a string of crashes caused by extra slick roads. >> the first rain of the season, the oil's on the road. people need to slow down and realize that. it's wet and slick out. >> this accident in mills valley left four cars banged up. the back of this honda civic was crushed by a van, and the chp
in the american league west and happening now ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savage is live at the colosseum where the two teams face off for a win or take all game and the crowds must be so excited alex? >> reporter: they certainly are. the colosseum will be a loud place. half hour until the first pitch and this game as you can see over here on the ticket kiosk it is officially sold out. there's a playoff-like atmosphere out here as the a's take on the texas rangers with a division title on the line. >> [applause] >> fired up a's fans filed into the colosseum this morning, confident in their teams chances today. >> we aren't worried. >> we're going to win. we are going all the way. >> on the field the a's players are staying loose knowing they can cap off an improbable season ending run with a win today. the victory would make them al west champions. >> they got the mojo. you know, i mean, once you get a ball rolling, it's kind of hard to stop it. >> it's a season finale that no one wants to miss. these two boys got the green light to skip school today just so they can be here. >> so you're ditch
, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a little crazy out there. we would like to apologize for some of the language that has been going out to live television fans having a good time. getting a little carried away sometimes. >> just a little bit, but oobviously when quor team wins the world series, you are going to be a little bit excited. we do want to apologize. taking you to san francisco, closer to the home of the giants. this is live pictures outside of at&t park where you can see a live crowd has gathered here. we have been watching as some folks are jumping on cars are stopped there. looks like some folks are having fun and obviously police are there just in case it gets out of hand. >> this is a scene we have been seeing in parts of city. in the mission district, we did hear something about a bonfire in the mission district. we understand it's at market an 7th, is that what i'm being told? this is on market street and you can see a couple of people on top of a muni bus and the bus is stopped in the middle of market street and some people have climbed up on top of that bus
in the heart of the castro. ktvu's ken wayne is standing by live in the 500 block of castro street, and tells us, police closed off the busy street. >> reporter: castro street has returned to normal, but police officers are still wrapping up their investigation after a somewhat chaotic scene following a protest by the group homes not jails. san francisco police didn't wait long before storming through the front door of the two story vacant building. two dozen protesters entered the building to call attention to the plight of the homeless. we talked to the protesters as they prepared for a long night of camping out. >> this one has been off the market for about seven years. >> reporter: police moved in after they say protesters started causing damage to the building and dropping items from the roof. >> police noted that several doors have been broken. locks damaged. >> reporter: police say one woman suffered an ankle injury while trying to flee. several dozen spectators gathered to watch the police activity. >> you're saying you want to help homeless people, but you don't threaten violence to
the excitement. >> reporter: we send it now to ktvu's john sasaki. >> reporter: ken, as you can see the party here is mostly over for the night. the park is empty. and most of the boats are gone but earlier mccovey cove was packed for fans. many people who could not score a ticket this was the place to be at game time. many people came here to watch from the park. others brought radios to keep up with the action. but many, including those eating dinner and those who came from sacramento said this was the place to enjoy the game. >> because we didn't have take tickets to get in. it was a nice day and we wanted to be out here with the crowd. >> it's just being around the crowd, you feel you're here supporting the team. >> just the comradery, talking to people. talking about why they are here. you know and it's just having fun, seeing some of the antics of the people around here. >> reporter: and to make sure the people out here to make sure they were part of the action, the team mascot lucielle made a stop. that is pier 48 that's the official postgame series party. you have to have a special ti
>>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> hit the curb, bounces, clips the front end and plows right into both of them. boom. >> a stunned witness could not believe what she was seeing as several people were seriously hurt near a school this morning. good afternoon, three pedestrians were hit by an out of control sufficient outside an elementary school this morning. a parent, crossing guard, and her child were all injured. we have new details on the story that was breaking news during mornings on 2. ktvu reporter alex savage is at the scene near turner elementary with the chain of events that triggered this tragedy, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon. this was an out of control suv that rolled up on to the curb, slamming into the those three people this morning. a parent, a child, and the school crossing guard. a bit of good news though, a few minutes ago, i talked with a representative for the private company this crossing guard works for, the woman is in stable condition now at the hospital. amazing when you consider the fact sh
here for three full innings and of course you can watch it free on ktvu channel 2 news. reporting live lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. >> they are showing playoff view -- a playoff view, they showed us this picture of a dog all decked out and ready for the game. this is also a photo of her son ready for a giants' game. you can send us your photos directly or post them on our facebook page. live on ktvu channel 2 news, our coverage begins at 4:30 and ktvu channel 2 news will follow top news stories of the day. >>> a story we brought you back in june about a man who says law enforcement gave his wife confidential information to use against him in a battle. lancaster's ex-wife and two law enforcement officers claims a sheriff's deputy and pleasanton police officer both disclosed confidential information to his ex-wife so she could use it against him in a custody battle for their two children. any charges have been dropped. >> i think it is horrible for them to give her information to use in a custody dispute. >> he took leave from his job with alameda sheriff's department. >>> she ru
10/5/12 >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> crowds packed san francisco tonight as first of major weekend events get underway. good evening. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. san francisco is gearing up to host a diverse set of events this weekend expected to attract a million people to the city. for anyone thinking of attending, there's a warning from officials, plan ahead and bring your patience. we have live team coverage. tell us about fleet week events. with begin with matt keller on the crush of people descending on the family. >> reporter: we're here at at&t park. expected to bring traffic to a standstill. >> performed for thousands of people in golden gate park to end the first day of the bluegrass festival. >> it was a huge event. been mellow. >> with events like this all across the city. the traffic will be anything but mellow. expecting a million visitors this weekend for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. cup races, castro street fair and playoff games. >> if anything else, take public transportation. >> p
protesters tonight after demonstrators took over a vacant building in the heart of the castro. ktvu's ken wayne is standing by live in the 500 block of castro street, and tells us, police closed off the busy street. >> reporter: castro street has returned to normal, but police officers are still wrapping up their investigation after a somewhat chaotic scene following a protest by the group homes not jails. san francisco police didn't wait long before storming through the front door of the two story vacant building. two dozen protesters entered the building to call attention to the plight of the homeless. we talked to the protesters as they prepared for a long night of camping out. >> this one has been off the market for about seven years. >> reporter: police moved in after they say protesters started causing damage to the building and dropping items from the roof. >> police noted that several doors have been broken. locks damaged. >> reporter: police say one woman suffered an ankle injury while trying to flee. several dozen spectators gathered to watch the police activity. >> you're sayin
morning. the problem starting to pile up around the bay area. ktvu alex savidge is out there on the storm watch right now. so what is it like out there? how bad is it? >> the rain is coming down pretty good where we are this morning in marin county. i will show you a sense of what the road looks like behind us here. this is 101 at lucky drive. you can see the road very wet this morning. this is an area that oftentimes will flood whenever we get significant rainfall. to that end you can see across on the other side of the freeway a cal trans worker is over there in that truck with the lights on. he or she is trying to make sure that the roadway remains clear and the drains in this area are working properly so they don't get too much standing water. i want to show you what this specific area of freeway looks like a short time ago. we shot this video as cars were coming through the standing water. obviously creating a hazard for drivers here. a good idea obviously for people to slow down this morning as they come through this section of roadway. thus far things look good out here. another is
. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >>> developing news out of san francisco, where u.s. park police are linked to an officer- involved shooting. good evening, i'm ken pritchett in for ken wayne tonight. >> i'm heather holmes. >> we begin with that developing news in san francisco where we learned that u.s. park police fired earlier this morning at a suspect. ktvu's noelle walker is live near the scene to explain what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: heather we're on lincoln, which is closed to traffic. i'm going to step out of way so you can see the investigation goes on. i'm told lincoln will be closed for traffic for the next several hours while officers involved this officer-involved shooting. crime scene evidence markers mark the spot at very edge of the city where people come to take in the scenic views. police say money came to break into a car. >> one of our officers witnessed someone trying to break into a vehicle. when he approached that person, the suspect tried to run him over with a vehicle. >> repo
their world views in their last presidential debate. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning to you. welcome to a brand-new day. it's a tu, october 23rd. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. >>> let's check in with steve paulson. everybody wants to know how much more rain are we going to get? >> some today and tomorrow but i think the main was yesterday and last night. >> yeah, right. >> last night and also this morning. pretty good rain from about midnight moving east and south, we are under cloudy skies right now, could even be misty, drizzly conditions. steady rain looks to be weekend down -- to be winding down. >>> good morning. traffic a little bit busy in marin county but not bad from come -- bad coming from novato. this is a look at the golden gate bridge and the traffic looks good. >>> we are following breaking news out of oakland where there is some kind of police action involving s.w.a.t. teams. ktvu channel 2 news reporter alex savidge joins
. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> how will you vote in this year's election. take the ktvu election quiz. this candidate is the best match for you. >> ktvu political analysts is keeping a close eye on tomorrow's debate. >> i know you've seen so many debate. who do you think came up on top tonight. >> it's a good night for governor romney. no big surprises, no real mistakes, no gas, no outstanding zingers. i think romney is poised. he did what he did it to do. he's behind in the battle ground states and deceptive with attacking the president. this is pretty much a good night for him. he avoided the pitfalls. president obama, social security, medicare, medicaid and he avoided it. >> what do you think viewers are looking for in tonight's debate? >> i think voters look what they are looking for. and voters have an opportunity to compare the two candidates, basically saying, someone representing me, my values, my family, my interest. if you like obama coming in, no big surprise coming out. he spoke your language. he appealed your interest and values. if you like romney, it's a good night. i d
. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >>> giants fans are getting ready hoping the home field advantage will finally mean something. good afternoon, i am victoria campbell. the giants are hoping for a better outcome after a tough loss yesterday. allie rasmus joins us with more as the team has come back before, allie? >> reporter: that's right, that is exactly why a lot of giants fans are feeling optimistic and we will have a chance to take on the cardinals again at at&t park and this morning many giants fans are already putting that 6- 4 loss behind them. they are trying to make a come back scoring four runs but it was not enough to come over the early leap. several giants fans pointed out they have a lot of faith in their team. >> we do. >> it was proven in the last go round and it will happen. last night was pretty heartbreaking but it was incredibly thrilling and i have nothing but good faith that we will get them today. >> reporter: now weather the giants win or lose playoffs are a win for local businesses. the coffee shop enjoyed a pre- game rush yesterday and managers sa
students can finish what they started. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> oakland police released a video today in hopes it will help lead to the capture of two homicide suspects. this is surveillance video of a confrontation that detectives believe led to the killing of a man near children's hospital last december. they say 23-year-old charles butler was gunned down a few blocks from the market where that surveillance video was recorded. they say butler was parallel parking next to a car with two other men inside it. >> if you saw that nut, that right there, the bad parking that mr. butler did is the reason why the people inside this car thought it was a reason to kill mr. butler. >> investigators are now urging anyone who may have witnessed the confrontation between the men or the shooting to call oakland police. >>> a san jose missing persons case has now turned into a homicide investigation. a hiker found the body of 32- year-old eric dean garcia saturday in the santa cruz mountains. investigators have not said yet exactly how he died. he was last
was found inside a burning home. ktvu was first to bring you the story this morning when a small home. >>> any time you have an accelerant with a body you have a suspicious circumstance. that's not to say that a person can't commit suicide using an accelerant. it's happened in the past. >> reporter: investigators say no obvious signs of trauma to the woman's body. >>> air quality officials plan to beef up response to disasters. yesterday they approved a plan to accurately measure toxic air pollution from industrial disasters. the move will help the agency be more prepared in the future. >>> giants fans are rallying tonight, hoping that the san francisco giants can tie up the series against the st. louis cardinals. and we have a live report from st. louis. one of the interesting pregame traditions at bush stadium. and who will be -- throwing out the first pitch. >> people are streaming in. lots of red and not much orange. the game is about an hour away. there's a cardinals pep rally going on. and the fans are excited about taking game >> . and the arrival of the budweiser clydesdale is
it live online at or mobile ktvu. >> in addition to the wet weather people had another problem to deal with. a power poole caught fire. look at this video here. you can see smoke coming from the cross bar. it happened early this morning near highway 12. it blocked out spotlights in the neighborhood and left some 4500 homes without power. most were restored in about one hour. the storm caused power outages all around the bay today. the height of the outage just before noon about 3800 customers lost electricity. now crews have restored power to all but 413 customers. the highest number is in the east bay where customers are still without electricity. >> storms also caused problems on freeways throughout the bay area. standing water on the roadway made for slick driving conditions including this stretch of northbound 880 in downtown oakland. all the rain overwhelmed the drains near the 980 junction and it took crews awhile to clear the flooding. the heavy downpour which lead to a massive back under into san francisco. some drivers were following the car ahead too closely and when
the mission district. we can see lots of graffiti. san francisco police say there's several out as well. ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. >>> ktvu sent us this video of the muni bus that was set on fire. it is on third and market street overnight. there's no word if any was hurt or if any arrest was made. >>> a loud but peaceful celebration in san francisco's inner sunset district. >> another ktvu sent us the cell phone video. giant fans were banging on top of the rafts after pouring into the street. the celebration didn't appear to be out of hand in this part of the city. >> giants players and coaches heading home right now. fred english is joining us now where the plane took off. do you think it sunk in for the team, fred? >> well, i think last night did sink in, absolutely torre. we are inside the lobby of a private hangar here. outside, listed as 43 degrees. windchill factor, 35. it is bitter cold out in. earlier, the giants were what i would call family mode as they kind of took care of the children and waited arn for the plane to come. i talked to pitcher madison bumgardner. he
. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and more details now ability getting to the giant's parade. b.a.r.t. will operate like it's rush hour with trains all day but you should still expect long lines and crowded trains. b.a.r.t. officials are urging passengers buy your ticket or load your ticker card before parade day. the lurksburg and salsalito ferry will be running extra boats. >>> richard caranza said every day and every minute of instruction counts so we encourage families to make sure their child is in school and ready to learn. the district says students cannot afford to lose any more class time. >>> if you can't make it to the parade in person, ktvu has you covered. our parade coverage starts at 4:30 tomorrow morning on channel 2. we will also stream the parade live on and mobile ktvu. >>> san francisco city leaders say they will prosecute and seek monetary damages for the people responsible for sunday night's mayhem. >> we want to send a really clear message that we will prosecute every one of those cases presented to us and the evidence is
closer to the biggest cities on the east coast. ktvu 2 morning news continues. >> announcer: complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu 2 morning news. >> good morning. it's monday, october 29. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. we're watching the weather here and out east because it's a monster -- >> it's unprecedented, historical. >>> for us, though, we have a little change in our weather pattern. now, because of the magnitude of sandy, everything is kind of slowing down so we're holding off until thursday morning but we have dense fog. that is until 8:00 but some of the fog until 9:00. here's sal. >>> stever, traffic on interstate 880 oakland good in both directions and more crowded, though, as you head to the bay bridge toll plaza. also we're looking at the toll plaza and more crowded with still room for fast track and carpoolers. let's go back to the deverick. >>> topping our news for the second time in three years, the san francisco giants are world champions. they swept the detroit tigers with a 4-3 victo
the investigation by ktvu. bills including $4,500 at a strip club and other questionable charges. >> we were all sort of taken aback and shocked at that expenditure. but again we have an investigation going on and i think we really need to get to the bottom of exactly what transpired in that one instance. >> reporter: the board president would not comment on mr. quan's status at first until we pressed her. >> is he at maritime director. >> correct, he is serving, correct. >> reporter: when you heard about the expenditures about mr. quan what was your reaction? >> i was disappointed. it gives the port a black eye. that doesn't feel good. >> reporter: the board president tells me the acting executive director will be responsible for addressing mr. quan's job status. and the investigation is expected to wrap up in the next few weeks. reporting live from the port of oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> for the second time this week there is a problem with one of the racing yachts practicing for the america's club in san francisco bay. artimus basis says the front of its catamoran was ba
with ktvu's ken pritchett. >> reporter: it's fairly quiet where we are right now outside of at&t park. most of the fans have left the area around the ballpark. look around the street at the restaurant, a lot of fans still celebrating this victory tonight, earlier just after the game, fans were cheering as they poured out of at&t park. high fives, and celebration after a victory in game 1 of the world series. all of the fans that we talked to agreed on what was the highlight of this game. >> sandoval, he came through huge. he did his thing. he represented. oh, my god. >> he saw him hit one. >> i saw him hit two, and then i saw him hit three baby! oh, my god. >> panda sandoval. he almost had four! >> the highlight for you? >> sandoval. it was crazy. and zito rocked it as well. we couldn't have asked for a better game to start it off. we're going to win. >> reporter: we are here at second and king. this is where the players actually leave the ballpark. just about 15 minutes ago, we saw right fielder hunter pence come out here on a scooter, and stop and talk to some fans. a surreal moment after
here on 16th and valencia early this morning. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> police are still on the scene of an early morning fire in san carlos. it happened at 12:30 at a supply business on washington street. crews say it was hard to get to because it was so cluttered. nobody was injured. the fire and the cause is still under investigation. a nearby 24 hour fitness was evacuated as a precaution. >>> we are also getting new video of an overnight fire in bay view district. it happened at a home on shafter antigennings street. -- and jennings street. officials say an unattended scandal spok -- candle sparked that fire. >>> ktvu channel 2 morning news reporter alex savage joins us in alameda with more on what we are learning about the search today, alex? >> reporter: a pair of coast guard vessels are searching for that missing single engine plane with a 75-year-old pilot at the controls and just a short time ago we spoke with a representative here in alameda from the coast guard and they say they do plan to launch a larger aircraft to begin searching a much larger area
have been evacuated because of a hazardous materials situation. ktvu's eric ras, among other rasmussen joins us live. >> reporter: firefighters are still work the scene. we can show you that we're at powell and vallejo and look over here. erica, if you could pan over here to show police are still stopping residents from going past this tape because of this hazardous materials situation of as you look down the road on powell, we understand it was in a residence, down here on this street that it happened. the call came in around 7:30 and according to the police we're getting from sf pd, they have a suicide in the unit where the person used chemicals. they had to evacuate a couple of buildings. when ways on the other side of the scene, the red cross has several people wrapped in blankets. the initial word that was about 15 residents were evacuated because of this hazardous materials situation, but in talking to the red cross who has been talking to these evacuees they think there could be more people than that that had to get out of building. they are still very busy trying to,
ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning october 8th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm ken wayne. dave clark is off this morning. let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. steve, how is it looking? >> it looks cold and clear. some of the lows are getting down into the low to mid 40s. it will be a cooler day today. a little system to the west of us getting closer. that will give temperatures in the afternoon five degrees cooling from sunday. 60s and 70s. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. northbound 101 traffic that looks pretty good approaching the 80 split with no major problems. also looking at the commute if you are driving to the bay bridge we already have a crowd here at the toll plaza. 6:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> topping our new there is is a big mess in downtown oakland after protestors targeted institutions from banks to city hall. tara moriarty is live in downtown oakland covering the effort to repair vandalized buildings. >> reporter: some of the windows that protestors smashed have been boarded up
and will these fans have an opportunity to celebrate one more time in this series at ktvu park. >>> the series picks up on wednesday with game three in st. louis. it is a day game. our coverage begins at 12:30 in the afternoon right here on ktvu with first pitch scheduled for 1:07. >>> stay with ktvu for continuing coverage at 10:30, we will return to at&t park as fans there celebrate tonight's big victory. and in sports more postgame reaction as the giants look on now to game three. >>> developing news now involving many of those fans leaving the ballpark tonight they quickly found themselves stuck in a massive traffic jam southbound on highway 101. these are pictures in news chopper 2 from the 101 near the cesar chavez exit. one car swroáefr turned there. the collision involved as many as six other vehicles. the crash happened about 8:30 and closed all lanes for about 30 minutes. two lanes are now open. here's another vantage point this picture shows traffic at a standstill as you look south along 101 through the hospital curb area. it was so backed up the san francisco fire department had to ask
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